Our Optical Products and Services

Your eyes deserve the best. Selkirk Eyecare has high quality, stylish products, and friendly, expert staff to assist you.  Our professional staff helps you find the ideal optical solutions tailored to your lifestyle.  We offer sunglasses for outdoor activities, computer specific lenses to reduce eyestrain, high fashion, and budget frames.  We also offer prescription safety glasses and even golf-specific lenses. Whatever your optical needs, Selkirk Eyecare is here to help!


Fitting and adjusting ophthalmic frames.

Frame Selection

In both of our locations we have many brands of stylish ophthalmic frames available. An accurate glasses prescription is an important foundation, but ideal glasses also require precise alignment of the lenses, custom fitting, and careful selection. The friendly and professional staff at Selkirk Eyecare will ensure that your glasses investment is handled properly from beginning to end. Our mission is to have the best quality and selection for our patients' needs.  All of our frames carry a 1-2 year warranty. 


Spectacle Lenses

We pride ourselves on using the best products available. Our goal is to give our patients the best options based on their prescription, lifestyle, and budget.  All of our lens orders go through a locally owned private lab, conveniently located in the basement of our Nelson office, allowing us to have access to ideal product options to fit your needs.

Verifying the lens prescription by the lab when making eyeglasses.

Inserting contact lenses on the eye.

Contact Lenses

Whether you are new to contact lenses or an existing wearer, our office is ready to help!

We offer: 

  • In-house training sessions for new contact lens wearers.
  • Professional contact lens fitting and evaluation by our doctors.
  • The ability to order your contacts through our online web store and have them delivered straight to your home.


Adjustments and Repairs

All of our friendly staff members are trained to do repairs and adjustments on frames. If it requires soldering or any major repairs we will either send it to our lab for repair or check to see if there are replacement parts available for your frame.

Adjusting and repairing eyeglasses frames.